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The Boatpokers Email Forum has had a lot of trouble with AOL over the years due to the way AOL handles problems with spam.

Boatpokers Email Forum For SAMS members The forum software is located on special Email servers that host hundreds of forums, not just Boatpokers. When AOL receives too many spam complaints or a message containing a virus/malware, their policy is to block mail to all AOL users from the server that sent the offending messages, regardless of who else might be using that server. A good analogy is having the US Post Office block all the mail from Detroit from reaching any US destination because someone in Detroit sent out some junk mail.

We cannot guarantee AOL users that they will always be able to receive the postings as AOL might block the server running Boatpokers at any time. You can still send a posting and look up everything in the Archives, but will not be able to receive the messages as they are sent.

We strongly advise that you use a different address for Boatpokers (One that is NOT just forwarded to your AOL address). If you absolutely must use an AOL address be advised that if you, or anyon e else using your computer, sends a spam complaint to AOL about a Boatpokers posting for any reason, your subscription will be terminated immediately. There will be NO refunds and you will NOT be allowed to subscribe with an AOL address again. If you get a new ISP your subscription will be reinstated for the new address, but you will have to pay a $20.00 CAD reinstatement fee.

If you change your Boatpokers subscription from an AOL address to something else BEFORE your subscription is canceled, I will change it for you at no charge.

NOTE: AOL is a business that is very much oriented towards the consumer market. It is my opinion that it should be avoided completely for business use. If you and your family enjoy using it because you have had it for years, by all means keep it for family use, but get a professional ISP for business, preferably on a separate computer.

Got a problem or a question? Email Geoff Grainger, the Boatpokers Listmaster.

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Boatpokers Email Forum For SAMS MembersBoatpokers Email Forum For SAMS Members