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Data Page

This page is available to post data or images that can be linked from messages to the group.

Here is a picture of the "Vanderhammer", a phonemic sounding hammer made by Reinier Van Der Herp.

This is a PDF for stern Tube and strut water-Lubricated Bearing clearances , taken from the Buships technical manual

This is an article from the National Electrical Manufacturers Association about . Evaluating Water damaged Electrical Equipment

Here is the Martin Depreciation Scale in PDF format, and in xlsx format.

Here is a Coast Guard bulletin on the grounding of plastic fuel fills.

This is part of one of Steve Knox's marine surveyor courses: Setting Rates

Hot Vac - A Cure For Osmosis? - By Henry Mustin, NAMS® CMS.

This is a bulletin from Teleflex about steering cable maintenance:

Click here for a short story about "Stupid Questions".

The Interesting Side of Marine Surveying by Gene Thornton, SAMS® AMS®-E

Here is an article by Tom Benton about Piston Failures in Marine Engines.

Here is a pdf file all about Vessel Serial Numbers from the 60's to the present.   (You need the Acrobat Reader to view this)  It is posted with permission of Computer Boat Values, the definitive authority on boat values in the Canadian Market.  These are actual pages from their printed "Boat Value Guide". You can print them out - they are nicely formatted to insert in a three ring binder.

This company is owned by members of the Dawson family, who are now in their sixth generation in the boating industry in Ontario.   You might want to bookmark their web site in case you ever need a Canadian value for a boat.

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