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For many years Gmail has been the Email system of choice for business users. Dozens of Boatpokers subscribers opened a Gmail account just for Boatpokers, and then started using it for business as it was so reliable.

Boatpokers Email Forum For SAMS members However, recently we have been having serious problems. It appears that the Google Gods cannot or will not distinguish between legitimate Email forums and bulk Email (read spam).

The result is that people with a Gmail address who are trying to receive postings from Boatpokers are sometimes having the messages blocked at worst, or sent to their spam folders at best. Some messages seem to get through ok. I am not sure why some are ok and some are not, but it probably has something to do with the sender of the posting.

Although it is a pain in the butt, it is VERY important to check your spam folder daily (click on "More" at the bottom of your list of mailboxes on the left side). If you find any legitimate messages in your spam folder be very sure to click the box beside it which will enable you to mark it as "Not Spam".

If there are a large number of Boatpokers messages in spam, please take the time to mark EACH one of them as not spam. Just doing one will not do the trick. I think Google regards each poster as a separate entity, and cannot figure out all the messages are from the same Email forum.

Don't switch to a yahoo account, they are just as bad or worse. If anyone finds a free email service that they are happy with and that does not cause problems for Email Forum users, please let me know about it.


Got a problem or a question? Email Geoff Grainger, the Boatpokers Listmaster.

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Boatpokers Email Forum For SAMS MembersBoatpokers Email Forum For SAMS Members