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A Word About Spam

The Boatpokers Email list is secure. It is not available to the general public or to spammers. It is NOT responsible for any spam or recent increase in spam that you may be receiving.

Boatpokers Email Forum For SAMS members If you noticed an increase in the amount of spam and "Phishing" types of email since you joined Boatpokers it may be because your Email address was recently published on SAMS' web site, or some other site.

Web pages are obviously available to the public and spammers have robot programs that visit ALL the pages that exist on the Internet gathering legitimate Email addresses to add to their mailing lists.

The only way to avoid the spammers is to never publish your Email address anywhere, which is cutting off your nose to spite your face. Email is a very necessary part of doing business today, and no-one can afford to eliminate it from their business promotion.

Some of the spam is not just annoying, it can be dangerous! There is some good information about, "spamscams", as I call them, here:
and here:
and here:

For the time being, until someone comes up with better ways to prevent it, spam is a necessary evil component in the cost of doing business. You can employ spam filters to a certain extent to help deal with it, but they are dangerous as well as they often filter out some of the very mail you DO want to receive. When you first set up any sort of spam filtering be sure to set it at first so it is just marked, not deleted, so you can see how well it is working.

Got a problem or a question? Email Geoff Grainger, the Boatpokers Listmaster.

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Boatpokers Email Forum For SAMS membersBoatpokers Email Forum For SAMS members