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If you are a SAMS member in good standing and have never been a Boatpokers subscriber, you can have a 30 day free trial subscription to try things out and learn first hand how the forum works. Be prepared to receive between 5 and 30 Emails a day.

This is a full subscription enabling you to send and receive postings, and access the Archives with your personal password. We only ask that you spend some time on the Boatpokers web site reading the instructions and the "Rules of Engagement".

To get started, email Geoff Grainger, the Boatpokers Listmaster. and he will have you set up in short order. If you decide to make your subscription permanent, all you have to do is send money! (Click on "How To Subscribe/Renew" on the left.)

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Boatpokers Email Forum For SAMS MembersBoatpokers Email Forum For SAMS Members